Educom+: For the ‘plus’ in education!

Educom+ (the “plus” in education), is an educational association established in Karditsa, central Greece.

PIC Number: 891947108

ID: E10265008

Some of its general aims are to provide training to teachers, promote educational innovation, encourage the implementation of the principles of sustainable education and green practices and facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities, learning difficulties and those belonging to vulnerable groups.

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Educom+ offers a great variety of courses on many different topics, all fully covered by the Erasmus grant. Find out more information below:

KA1 Courses

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the educational paradigms

PERMA Model for Teacher Wellbeing

Social – Emotional Competencies and Self Care for Teachers

Online, open and distance education

Inclusive pedagogy

Environmental and sustainable education

Flipping the traditional classroom

STEM and Alternative Conceptions

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mindful, Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Leadership

Training mentally disabled and differently abled bodies through art

Social and Emotional Learning

Yoga for special needs students

The ecology of e-learning

Transforming students into environmental leaders


Georgia Karagianni

Michael Papanouskas

Sotiris Rizas

Myrto Paizanou

Efthymios Koufogiannis

Katerina Kati

Venia Papakyritsi

Maria Michail

Charikleia Liakou

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