Environmental and sustainable education

Course Outline

A few words about the thematic of the course: It is commonly accepted that there is need for a new educational policy to deal with existing environmental problems and develop environmental awareness among student population. In the framework of this course, trainers are taught how to facilitate this learning process and steer it in a direction that will enable students develop eco-friendly attitudes and understand the concept of sustainability which promotes a society of values on the basis of the understanding that what we do today can affect humanity and the planet in the future.

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Course modules


Environmental education and its linkage to Sustainability


How to raise environmental awareness- Activities that enhance eco-friendliness


The three tiers of sustainability: ecological integrity, economic prosperity, and social equity.


Teaching environmental education through traditional games and outdoor learning.


Select, develop, and implement curricula and teaching strategies to achieve environmental education goals with all learners.

Learning outcomes

  • Help teachers acquire environmental literacy
  • Understand the importance of developing an environmentally literate populace.
  • analyze and evaluate appropriate theories of learning, moral reasoning and valuing processes to select, develop, and implement curricula and teaching strategies to achieve environmental education goals with all learners
  • Empower teachers with knowledge and skills of effectively transacting education for environment and sustainable development in schools.
  • Help teachers create unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and exchanges.
  • Be able to locate and use environmental education teaching and learning materials.


The methodology of this course is based on learning by doing and active learning strategies. The instructional approach is also used in order to provide the theoretical framework but all modules include task-based activities and group work promoting collaboration and synergy among trainees.

Evaluation- feedback

Participants fill in a course evaluation form providing thus feedback on what they have been taught.