Online, open and distance education

Course Outline

A few words about the course: Open and distance learning is usually contrasted with conventional or face-to-face education, which may be described as the form of education which takes place in a classroom. However, both distance and face-to-face education are labels covering a wide range of variations and methods. In each case different educational philosophies may be applied and different methods may be used. Face-to-face education may be supported by a range of media, and in a similar way, distance education has a variety of principles which educators may incorporate into their programmes of face-to-face teaching.

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Course modules


Basic principles of online, open and distance learning.


ERT- Emergent Remote Teaching.


Online tools for pedagogical exploitation.


Open learning resources.


How to design and develop online and digital educational material.

Learning outcomes

  • Enhance digital skills and digital readiness
  • Learn about the pedagogical principles of online education
  • Learn how to design learning material using ICT
  • Understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous ways of teaching
  • Increase access to learning and training opportunity
  • Provide increased opportunities for updating, retraining and personal enrichment


The methodology of this course is based on learning by doing and active learning strategies. The instructional approach is also used in order to provide the theoretical framework but all modules include task-based activities and group work promoting collaboration and synergy among trainees.

Evaluation- feedback

Participants fill in a course evaluation form providing thus feedback on what they have been taught.