STEM and Alternative Conceptions

Course Outline

A few words about the thematic of the course: This course aims at presenting innovative practices in the teaching of STEM, enriched with alternative ideas which are based on experiential knowledge. The course is addressed to STEM teachers who wish to integrate new and innovative practices in their teaching.

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Course modules


Tracing alternative ideas.


Implementing alternative ideas and practices.


STEM in Practice.


Experiments and cognitive conflict.


Implementing STEM in contemporary school contexts.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to apply knowledge through experiential learning and learning by doing
  • Encourage the use of multi-dimensional methods of teaching
  • Cultivate autonomous and collaborative learning
  • Learn how to develop flexibility in the learning environment
  • Apply problem – solving techniques through collaboration
  • Encourage innovation and novel didactic practices
  • Develop skills through team work and collaborative learning.


Before the course, participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire in order to note down their expectations and their perception of experiential learning.

The course methodology is based on the implementation of best practices and model lessons on how to teach STEM within a framework of cognitive conflict.

Evaluation- feedback

Participants fill in a course evaluation form providing thus feedback on what they have been taught.