A succesful conference took place yesterday, on the 14th of June, at Kierion hotel, Karditsa in the frame of the “Integration through prior knowledge” Erasmus+ project.
The conference focused on inclusive practices and the exploitation of prior knowledge in the field of intercultural education. We thank our speakers, Marja -Lisa Helenius (LFI Finland), Giulia Terracciano, GEINNOVA, Spain), Dr Giota Gatsi (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Venia Papakyritsi (University of Thessaly). They presented good practices in the field of intercultural education and stressed the vital role of detecting people’s prior knowledge and resources and help build new knowledge based on the existing one.
Stay tuned for more fuitful and interesting conferences and valuable intellectual outputs from Educom+

About the Author: Georgia Karagianni

Georgia is an english teacher with further training in educational psychology, inclusive education, counseling and teaching greek as a foreign language. She has participated in many European projects (erasmus+ ka2 & ka3) producing intellectual outputs on intercultural education, inclusive practices, creativity, pedagogical exploitation of digital tools, environmental education etc. She is also local coordinator of the Panhellenic net of theatre in education and for the last three years she has been serving as the Head of the department of Educational Affairs in the Directorate of Secondary Education of Karditsa prefecture.She holds an MA in ‘’New forms of education and learning’’ and an MA in ‘’Language Education in Migrants and Refugees’’ and currently she is a PhD candidate in the field of Open and Distance Learning (Hellenic Open University).