Educom+ participated in the 1st project meeting of the project “Integration through prior knowledge-IntegPri”, code number KA210-ADU-9DBFC5A8, which took place in Helsinki, Finland in April 2022.

The project, which was approved by the Finnish Agency, aims to:
-strengthen the teaching profession by providing methodology and tools to help teachers assess their refugee/migrant
students’ prior knowledge
-promote intercultural education and intercultural dialogue
– enrich teachers’ existing knowledge on differentiation teaching
-promote an inclusive, encouraging, supportive and non-discriminative learning environment
-encourage lifelong learning and professional development
-Improving efficiency and flexibility in education systems by allowing alternative learning pathways
-Promoting social inclusion and equity for disadvantaged groups
The target groups of our project are teachers (teaching in school education and in adult education settings), policy
makers in the field of intercultural and inclusive education, NGOs that are active in the field of refugee/migrant inclusion,
municipalities that have refugee/migrant supportive services, educational advisors and educational experts who design
curricula on intercultural education etc.
The hard-working team has already started working on the teachers’ guide which will be presented during the 2nd project meeting in Zaragoza, in October. Educom+ is the leader in this output which is expected to provide valuable help to educators involved in refugee education.

About the Author: Georgia Karagianni

Georgia is an english teacher with further training in educational psychology, inclusive education, counseling and teaching greek as a foreign language. She has participated in many European projects (erasmus+ ka2 & ka3) producing intellectual outputs on intercultural education, inclusive practices, creativity, pedagogical exploitation of digital tools, environmental education etc. She is also local coordinator of the Panhellenic net of theatre in education and for the last three years she has been serving as the Head of the department of Educational Affairs in the Directorate of Secondary Education of Karditsa prefecture.She holds an MA in ‘’New forms of education and learning’’ and an MA in ‘’Language Education in Migrants and Refugees’’ and currently she is a PhD candidate in the field of Open and Distance Learning (Hellenic Open University).